Friday, 29 May 2009

The Black Has Fallen Flat

I'll never forget the day I saw my first matte black painted car...I take that back. I have forgotten, in fact, I can't remember if it was an SLR or a Phantom. Although my memory fails me as to when I first was graced with the presence of the matte, I do remember my reaction. I'll admit it, I was slightly impressed. It made the SLR look like the Bat mobile and the Phantom looked like it was literally going to eat me alive. If I had a 3-ton Rolls, I too would want it to look like a bad motha- shut yo' mouth. However, the streets of Los Angeles were soon flooded with a mess of matte black machines. Suddenly the "whoah, that looks hot!" turned into "Oh my god, is that a matte black Jetta?". Perhaps this matte run-a-muck is due to the latest invention of not having to fully commit to the look. Companies are now offering full car wraps that give the same look as the primer-ific paint job, so even your leased ride can get mattified. For around $3,000 you can wrap your F150 to look like the F430 rolling down Sunset next to you. Just don't open your doors, otherwise the factory paint you're too cool to rock might show it's true colors. These car wraps claim to go on smooth and come off with the same finesse, just be sure to invest in a good detail before you return your once glossy ride. We hear that inspection companies aren't too fond of glue residue. Sadly, gone are the days of your Bentley GT standing out from the other 20 that are parked in front of Cecconi's, because the bust boy's Civic looks just like it.