Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Okay, okay, I know this isn't a car specific post, however I am intrigued by all feats of engineering and this bridge at the Hoover Dam was just too spectacular not to post. Although it's not yet completed, watching something this massive being built was like witnessing the dawn of creation. Alright, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it was pretty "dam" awesome...sorry, I had to.

Subaru Slip & Slide

It's not quite officially summer, but hopefully the sun will come out here in L.A. soon enough and we can break out the old summer time favorite...the slip & slide. Until then, here's a Subaru WRX doing some slipping and sliding of it's own. It gets super sick around the 3:30 mark...through two doors...come on now! I'm not a fan of drifting (Nissan 350Z's being thrown around in a circle don't really do it for me), but this is on a whole other level...it's almost anti-gravity.

Click on the post title to watch the video!

Monday, 15 June 2009

Ducati Streetfighter S

It's no secret that I love Ducati. There's something about the sound a finely tuned Italian engine makes that is simply unable to be duplicated. Although I haven't been a fan of the new modified body style of the Monster line, I am slowly becoming a believer after reading about the new Streetfighter S. Being the first "naked" style bike to bring competition level traction control to the streets, this baby will out handle just about any production bike on the market. At 1099cc's, good luck to your buddy on the R1 trying to keep up with you in the canyons. Truly a must have bike for anyone that loves the classic "cafe" style with a space-age twist. They say not to bring a knife to a gun fight...this is like bringing a rocket launcher.

Timeless Obsessions

Very few things hold our attention and an everlasting place in our obsession departments, but like Birkin bags and Macaroni & Cheese...some things are always fabulous to obsess about. For me, there are a few cars that no matter how many times I see them driving around town, I still practically break my neck trying to catch a look.

I still, no matter how hard I try, cannot get sick of looking at the S5. I don't know if it's the line of LED's in the headlights, the gentle and sensual body lines or the amazing sound it generates but the S5 will always have a place in my "I wish I had that car" department.

Anyone who knows me well enough also knows that I will pretty much chase down any '65-early '67 Mustang Fastback on the road. I don't descrimiate on engine size and get easily as excited over a 258 as I will a GT350. As soon as I have an extra $30k and a Hemmings in my hand, I will not hesitate to own one.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

You never forget your first love...

...and of course mine happens to be an Acura Integra Type-R. As a young girl, I was surrounded by the rice-rocked crew out in the Valley. One of my best friends had me in love at first ride when he picked me up in his Honda Civic Si at the tender age of 15. The car was a total sleeper with only white wheels to hint at the crazy amount of power that was hiding in that tiny body. But naturally, being the crazy girl I am, I was more attracted to his ex-girlfriend's Integra Type-R. I thought she was the coolest girl on the planet with her Von Dutch sticker on the back and a custom paint job to boot. Ever since that day, and realizing that she and I shared the same first name, I was hooked. Although my dreams of the Type-R never actually materialized, I've always had dreams of ripping down the quarter mile in one. Since these cars were never a common sight to see, even at the hight of the "Fast & Furious" days, it's become increasingly rare over the years...until Saturday when I was graced with the presence of this almost stock beauty. Even better...it's from Sonoma.