Monday, 15 June 2009

Timeless Obsessions

Very few things hold our attention and an everlasting place in our obsession departments, but like Birkin bags and Macaroni & Cheese...some things are always fabulous to obsess about. For me, there are a few cars that no matter how many times I see them driving around town, I still practically break my neck trying to catch a look.

I still, no matter how hard I try, cannot get sick of looking at the S5. I don't know if it's the line of LED's in the headlights, the gentle and sensual body lines or the amazing sound it generates but the S5 will always have a place in my "I wish I had that car" department.

Anyone who knows me well enough also knows that I will pretty much chase down any '65-early '67 Mustang Fastback on the road. I don't descrimiate on engine size and get easily as excited over a 258 as I will a GT350. As soon as I have an extra $30k and a Hemmings in my hand, I will not hesitate to own one.